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with a 401Kloud® Account!

Open your Individual Account TODAY!

(*Minimum $50 to open. Each account requires a separate email. No limit to the number of accounts.)

Types of Accounts

  • Savings Account
  • Retirement Account
  • College Account
  • Wedding Account
  • Vacation Account
  • Christmas Account
  • Cruise Account
  • New Home Account
  • New Car Account
  • New Baby Account
  • Emergency Fund Acct.

Pre-Sale Introductory Special

Limited Time Only!

Introducing 401KLOUD®, a revolutionary savings and retirement account ideology that places total control into the hands of YOU! What if you could:

  • control your own investment options?
  • set up residual deposits without deductions from your paycheck?
  • set up savings and/or retirement plans even if you don’t have a job?
  • set up a college fund or savings account for your child on the day he/she is born?
  • set up funding for your own nonprofit cause?
  • withdraw funds in real time and at any time without penalties?
  • move/increase/decrease funds at any time without taxation?
  • control your future and let your money work for you?

401KLOUD® is the driving force behind KloudCoins®… the new kind of money for a new kind of life. It’s the cryptocurrency now taking the world by storm!

Designed BY the people FOR the people, it takes an old and outdated (but sound) ideology and brings it full circle! No open enrollment restrictions, no age restrictions, no maximum participation ceilings, no investor criteria, no penalties for withdrawal, and NO TAXATION of your money!

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Open Your 401KLOUD® Account Today and Refer 2 Friends to Open 401KLOUD® accounts within 30 days, and watch your money grow!


You get:


  • Coins (based on current market value)
  • 100% of your Initial Investment Back (when you refer 2 401KLOUD® accounts)
  • Monthly Profit-Sharing Bonus from new Account Holders

Open your Business Account TODAY!

(*Minimum $100 to open. Each account requires a separate email. No limit to the number of accounts.)

Types of Accounts

  • Payroll Account
  • Expansion Account
  • Capital Fund Account
  • Investment Account
  • Office Account
  • Benefits Account
  • PR Account
  • Community Relations Account
  • R&D Account
  • Christmas Bonus Account
  • Reserve Account

How to Set up Your 401Kloud® Account

Step 1

Decide how much you will deposit each month into your 401KLOUD® account and set up your KLOUDWallet®. Copy your generated KLOUDWallet® address and paste into an email ( and press send.

Step 2

Set up your Referral Account, establishing a link to give to your referrals. This will ensure that you GET PAID when they open their 401KLOUD® accounts.

Step 3

Refer 2 friends to open 401KLOUD® accounts with the same initial deposit* within 30 days. You receive 50% of their initial deposits, and YOURS IS FREE!

PLUS you’ll receive profit-sharing from all new 401KLOUD®account holders referred by you OR your friends!


New Account Holders Rewards Program is offered by KLOUDCOINS® 401KLOUD® with earnings potential in excess of $1M per year. You get paid to refer 401KLOUD® account holders. Contingent upon two referrals per month for 12 consecutive months AND uninterrupted monthly deposits into your 401KLOUD® account and all referred parties’ 401KLOUD® accounts. This Program pays your deposit amount in KLOUDCOINS® every month, along with referral bonuses not to exceed your designated monthly deposit (50 percent from each of two referrals) making your initial deposit FREE and monthly recurring deposits FREE for as long as you refer two people per month. Additional profit-sharing bonuses are paid monthly based on volume of people you refer. This is a limited time offer and is subject to change without notice.

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