Introducing KloudCoins®… 
where the extraordinary brilliance of diamonds meets the cutting-edge world of cryptocurrency! 

KloudCoins® is NOT backed by paper or gold, but by diamonds… a currency commodity untouched by governmental regulation! Sparkling with innovation and powered by brilliance, KloudCoins® illuminates the path to a dazzling financial future. 

A New Kind of Money

for a New Kind of Life!

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December 15, 2023!








up to 10X ROI!
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Embark on a journey where beauty intertwines with security and the transparency of a decentralized ledger, forging a new era of wealth creation and unrivaled elegance.

Our Mission

KloudCoins® is a new kind of crypto for a new kind of life, leveraging perfected Blockchain technology and compounding investment philosophies to eliminate central banking authorities and bring new definition, unprecedented fiscal power and total individual financial control of currency transactions to anyone at any age, anywhere and for any reason.

Our Vision

  KloudCoins® is disrupting the crypto “norm”… bringing the FIRST EVER COMPOUNDING CRYPTOCURRENCY BACKED BY DIAMONDS to a PRIVATE AND ELITE AUDIENCE, allowing total and unqualified control of financial circumstances. When the market goes up, so does your investment! When the market goes down, your funds are safe and secure, FREE FROM MARKET LOSS!

It’s innovative! It’s unique!

It’s unprecedented! It’s private!



Security is another key point defining today’s world. Kloudcoins® is a Blockchain using the highly-secure and power-efficient NIST5 algorithm to ensure unassailable payments and promote resolute confidence in the industry.


Time is one of the key elements in our lives, especially when it comes to financial transactions and lack of existing money transaction speed. Companies and individuals are facing delays, leading to a slow down in activities. Kloudcoins® offers solutions for bad processes.

Time is Money…. Money is KloudCoins®


Today’s applications need higher efficiency and drastically reduced cost. Combining Limited Proof-of-Work, Kloudcoins® is unique in its distribution and is THE solution for decentralized living.

 Never before seen in the crypto world, our ground-breaking platform merges the rare allure of diamonds with the limitless potential of blockchain technology to captivate and empower users around the globe!

Kloud® Core Values and Key Features


The creative minds behind our shared vision are unlike any the industry has yet seen. We will catapult the crypto world into realms not yet visited and explore usages not yet imagined. KloudCoins® is created BY and FOR the people… Take a seat and watch while we transform your world!


We enter this marketplace from a new door! Our pathway is clear, our channels are open, our vision is 20/20! We are reaching for the mountain tops and touching the Klouds!


The future is upon us! We are totally dedicated to long-term and innovative strategies that will stand the true test of time.

How it Works

KloudCoins® Inspire a Global Economy, Empowering a Bigger, Better,Brighter Furture for Us All!

Our Kloud9® platform of products and services offers the first and ONLY NO-RISK Cryptocurrency for ANYTHING, ANYONE, ANYWHERE AND AT ANY TIME!

KloudCoins® is disrupting the mainstream financial services industry

with a decentralized, customer-centric approach that allows total and unqualified control of financial circumstance. With the first FULL-SERVICE cryptocurrency bank of its kind, KloudBank® empowers you to chart your own destiny regardless of age or station in life.


KloudCoins® uses the NIST5 hash, chosen by the US Nation of Science Competition as the “winning algorithm”. A combination of security and mining efficiency were key in that decision.

  • Coin Name
  • Coin Network
  • Maximum Supply
  • Block Size
  • Atomic Swap
    Yes (Barterdex)
  • Coin Symbol
  • Consensus
  • Block Time
    60 Seconds
  • Transactions Per Second

Coin Distribution

Funds Allocation






Bonus Marketing, Airdrop






Reserve Fund

Our RoadMap

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve provided a bit of Kloud®, KloudCoins®, cryptocurrencies and a few others.

What is Crypto?
It’s a completely digital, decentralized form of currency and can be used as a means of payment or exchange, or as a speculative investment asset. Its value is universal, so it’s the same no matter where you are on the planet.
What is KloudCoins®?
KloudCoins® is a Blockchain using the highly-secure and power-efficient NIST5 algorithm to transform the global banking and financial services of cryptocurrency. The newest cryptocurrency coin to enter the marketplace, KloudCoins®  can be used to purchase anything from anywhere at any time.
What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase KloudCoins®?
You can trade using any cryptocurrency currently in an Exchange in which we participate.
What is the total supply for KloudCoins® ?
Maximum Supply is 55,000,000
What is Blockchain?
A blockchain is a permanent, unchangeable ledger that records crypto transactions utilizing an impenetrable digital code. Think of it as a virtual vault. It keeps your crypto assets secure. Currently censorship resistant, today’s blockchains provide maximum use and transfer of funds without heavy taxation and government oversight..
Where does Crypto obtain its value?
It rests entirely on the crypto community… the value is determined by the supply and the demand of any particular coin.
How are cryptocurrencies different?
Each cryptocurrency has its own genetic code, and most are usually attached to some specific cause or purpose.
What is mining?
Mining is the digital production of cryptocurrency coins and tokens. Just like the US Treasury prints paper money and assigns each bill a specific serial number, cryptocurrency is produced in a digital way that assigns an individual genetic code to each specific coin. This process is performed on a computer and is called mining.
 Q: What does decentralized mean?
What does decentralized mean?
Put simply, it means without government oversight. Traditional currencies are back by government rules, laws, regulations and something of value. This is a centralized currency. In the US, our dollars are backed by the Federal Reserve and governed by the FDIC. Cryptocurrency is decentralized, meaning it is outside the bounds of governmental oversight. The value of crypto is set by the supply and demand of the marketplace, which also sets the parameters of its use and usefulness. It is currency BY the people and FOR the people.
Is cryptocurrency taxable?
Not if you’re purchasing it with dollars and then exchanging it for other crypto or retaining it for investments. You will pay taxes if you convert it back to dollars for capital gains or make purchases with cryptocurrency.

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